Cash Flow Coach Review

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PROS / A packaged financial management program and two levels of coaching are available.

CONS / Website offers no online tools. Information provided is very generic in nature.

VERDICT / Much information is sound but exaggerated generalizations are prevalent.

The Cash Flow Coach is designed to provide financial management and coaching help to people who are frustrated by debt and are fed up with living from paycheck to paycheck. The programs are aimed at reducing debt, improving credit reports and creating a budget that allows consumers to live within their means.

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Product Lineup

The Amazing Cashflow Wealth System is the rather bold title given to the product that is at the heart of this website. It consists of a workbook and four CDs with lessons for controlling one’s financial situation. The lessons dedicate a good deal of time to the emotional underpinnings of financial problems including why people get in trouble with credit and how to take control of the emotions surrounding money matters. Also featured are ways to reduce stress surrounding money and the effects of poor money management on family relationships.

The most practical lessons include a simple method for tracking income and expenses and how and why fixed and flexible expenses should be separated. Processes for tracking expenses are covered as are setting short and long term goals, saving for emergencies and developing lifetime spending habits.

Practical financial management and coaching advice is offered for understanding credit reports and how to dispute errors on them. Included, too, is information designed to help improve a credit score and to help in negotiating more favorable terms with credit card issuers.

The workbook includes forms for planning monthly cash flow and spending as well as expense tracking sheets. It also has guidelines for creating a financial journal, sample letters for disputing errors with credit bureaus as well as letters for seeking reduced interest rates from creditors. Finally, there are tips for saving money and reducing debt.


Financial management and coaching is offered for customers who feel that they need more personalized and supportive help than is offered by the Amazing Cashflow Wealth System. There are two levels of coaching available, designated the Silver plan and the Gold plan.

The Silver Cash Flow Coaching plan is a four-week program. It begins with the completion of a nine-question survey to help determine a client’s money mindset and financial position. That’s followed by a 90-minute telephone intake session to assess the individual's financial situation and to design an action plan that will produce the desired results. The program includes three additional 45-minute telephone coaching sessions. Between sessions, clients can communicate with coaches via email for specific questions and concerns.

The Gold plan is available for those who find that they need a more extensive coaching approach. It begins like the Silver plan but lasts for 90 days and provides eight telephone coaching sessions in addition to the initial intake call. The additional sessions are intended to provide ongoing support to provide discipline in accomplishing the cash flow plan.

Online Tools

In creating our survey of financial management and coaching sites, we’ve come to expect some online tools for assisting with financial issues. This site doesn’t offer any such tools or links to sites that do.

Reputation & Credibility

The Cash Flow Coach website has a number of very positive testimonials on it. We were unable to verify any of the comments independently or to find client comments about the program on other sites. We found no negative comments about the program from either business rating organizations or governmental entities.

Help & Support

Contacting The Cash Flow Coach is easy by email or by telephone between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 a.m., Pacific Time. The phone number isn’t toll-free.


Our overall impression of The Cash Flow Coach is that it’s high on hyperbole and pretty short on specifics. That’s not to say, however, that much of the financial information isn’t sound, just that it’s very general and can be found in numerous other places, often without charge.